1755 Map of Great Lake Area

Color, 17.5" x 23", MP-0233, $15.00

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Perfect for framing, this 17.5" x 23" colonial map is finely detailed on heavy stock paper, it makes the perfect gift for the history buff, researcher, genealogist, or map collector.

The Great Lakes in 1755

This reprint has been faithfully reproduced from the original housed at the Historical Urban Plans, Inc. in Ithaca, NY. The French title is: Partie Occidentale de la Nouvelle France on du Canda. Finely detailed areas include:

Printed on high-quality hard-stock paper and written in French, you'll see how the names of French towns have evolved: Fond du Lac Wisconsin was once 'du Fond du Lac" ... Chicago: "et Port de Chicagou" ... Philadelphia: Philadelphie ... Baltimore: Baltemore ... Detroit: Le Detroit.

Great Lakes

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