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James L. Douthat
154 Pages, Full Name Index, Soft Cover, 8.5"x11", Reprinted 2017, TN-1428, $37.50


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In the late 1830s there was an outcry to move all Native Americans to the western lands. The Cherokee located in the western North Carolina, southeastern Tennessee, north eastern Alabama and northwestern Georgia were to be moved to Oklahoma Territory. The U. S. Government called on each Governor of these states to form militia units to help with the rounding up of the Cherokee and then the Army would take them west. Tennessee’s call went out and hundreds of volunteers came forth. This all sounds simple, but it was more complex than this. The National Archives lumps several different events into one listing, “Cherokee Wars”. First it was not a war in the real sense and second some of the units called up did not help with the Cherokee, but instead were sent south to help with the Seminole in the Second Seminole War. This is listing of almost 6,000 of the men from Tennessee who answered the call to aid in the round up.



“Dickson, William - Pvt. - Maupin’s Co. - 2nd TN Mtd. Mil.”

“Kamp, James S.- Pvt. - Yoakum’s & Mlin’s Co. - 1st TN Inf.”

“Mitchall, A. J. - Ensign - Morrow’s Co. - Lindsay’s Regt. TN Mtd.”


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