Hamilton County
1836 Tennesee Civil Districts & Tax Lists

23 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0776, $10.00

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This unique publication ties the twelve (12) "districts" of Hamilton County with tax listings from 1836, 1837, 1838, or 1839. By matching the tax list with the "District Map," a researcher can narrow the search for ancestors, eliminate those of similar names, and place ancestors in place and time.

For instance ... the town of "WHATEVER" is in District #6. Knowing this information allows a researcher to pinpoint cemeteries, churches, or surnames. The tax lists have been compiled from microfilm and are as faithful as possible to original spellings. A 'must-have' for Hamilton County researchers.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Aaron, Abel, Adams, Adcocke, Agee, Aickman, Aikins, Alexander*, Anderson, Archer, Arnett, Arnitt, Askew, Atchley, Athens, Atkins, Avery

Baker, Ballard, Bark, Barnes, Barr, Barton, Bean*, Beavers, Beck, Bell, Bena, Benson, Billingsley, Binson, Blagg, Blakely, Blount, Blythe, Boatman, Bosey, Botrell, Bowers, Boyd*, Boydston, Bradfield, Brimer, Brock, Brooks, Browder, Brown**, Bruce, Bryant, Brymer, Bryson, Bullard, Bunch, Bunting, Burgess, Burgress, Burk, Burkhart, Burton, Bush, Butrick Butter, Byers

Cadil, Caldwell, Campbell*, Campbells, Candler, Cannon*, Carder, Carper, Carr*, Carrington, Cary, Casay, Casteel, Chambers, Chandwick, Cherry, Cimble, Clark, Cliff, Clift, Clifton, Clingan, Cloud, Cobb, Cock, Cockerham, Codel, Colk, Colquet, Condray, Condry, Conner, Cook, Cooper, Coopers, Copelin, Corbet, Corbit, Cornell, Cornett, Couch, Coulter, Cowart, Cox, Cozby, Craighead, Crane, Craze, Cross, Crow, Crowder, Cummings, Cunningham, Curry

Dame, Daughtery, Daughtry, David, Davidson, Davis**, Dawton, Dearing, Denney, Dickins, Dickson, Dixon, Dixson, Doak, Dorrdle, Dowden, Dowdle, Drew, Drum, Duke

Eagleton, Eastridge, Elder, Eldridge, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Evans, Everett, Everit

Fansher, Ferguson, Ferrell, Fields, Findley, Finley, Fitzgerald, Flippo, Foster, Fouler, Fowler, Francis, Frayer, Frazer, Frazier, Freeman*, Fresher, Frezzill, Frier, Frissell (sic), Frizzell, Frizzelle, Frizzells, Fryer*, Fulks

Gamble, Gann*, Gardenhire, Garrett, George, Gibson, Gilbert, Gillespie, Gilliland, Godard, Goff, Goforth, Goins, Gothard, Gowen, Grant, Greene, Grigsby, Guinn, Gutherie, Guthery

Hagler, Hale, Hall*, Hamil, Hammock, Hanna, Hanson, Harle, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartman, Harvey, Harvy, Hathcoat, Headrick, Healin, Heaton, Hefner, Henderson, Henly, Henry, Hibb, Hibbs, Hickman, Hickson, Higgan, Hill, Hills, Hilton, Hixson*, Hodges, Hoges, Holder, Hollingsworth, Holloway, Holly, Hoodenpyle, Hooper, Hopper, Hornsby, Horreth, Houlder, House, Howell, Hughes, Hardy

Igou*, Inlow, Inman, Inmarty (?), Irvin

Jack, Jackson*, James, Jennings, Johnson**, Johnston, Jonathan, Jones*, Jookings, Jrit, Julian

Karr, Keeney, Kilgore, Killion, King, Kirklin

LaTerey, Lafferry, Lahill, Lambert, Lardis, Laugham, Lawthorn, Layman*, Lea, Lee, Legg, Leoy, Lessons, Levent, Leveret, Levi, Lewis*, Light, Likens, Line, Long, Longwith, Love, Lovelady, Lower, Lucas, Lusk, Lutrell, Luttrell, Luttrells

McAlvey, McCallie, McClanahan, McClung, McColough, McComb, McCord, McDanal, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonough, McEwen, McGhee, McGill**, McGuee, McGuire, McIver, McLanahan, McRee, McTeer

Mahan, Manes, Maning, Maountin, Marle, Marsh, Martin*, Maxwell, Mazy, Melton, Menley, Merriott, Meyers, Miles, Miller*, Millikin, Milton, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moon, Moore, Moreland, Morris, Morrison, Moyers, Munsey, Murphy

Nash, Nave, Nelson, Nicholas, Nivens, Nominick, Norris, Norwood, Nowlin*

Obar, Olinger

Pafford, Parker, Parkison, Parks, Parrott, Patterson, Payne*, Payte, Pearce, Pearson, Pendergrass, Penick, Penir, Penney, Penny, Perry, Philipot, Philips, Pinkston, Pinkstone, Pitner, Poe, Poor, Posey, Potter, Powell, Presley, Prewill, Price, Province, Prowell, Pruett, Pruitt, Puckett, Putman, Pyke, Pyle


Ragan, Raines, Rains, Ralston, Ramsey, Rawlings*, Read, Redmond, Reed, Remnant, Reynolds, Rice, Rices, Richey, Riddle, Ridge, Rippeto, Roark, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers**, Roper, Rose, Ross, Row, Russell

Sanor, Saunders, Sawyers, Saxon, Sciviley, Scott, Seaboult, Sebolt, Shadwick, Shahan, Shelton, Shields, Shipley, Shiply, Shipman, Shirley, Shook, Shropshire, Simmerman, Simmons, Simpson, Skillern, Smiley, Smith**, Snavley, Snider, Snow, Southern, Spear, Spencer, Spicer, Standefer, Standifer, Starmer, Starnes, Stiff, Stone, Story, Stringer, Strumer, Sugart, Sullivan Sutter, Sutton, Swisher

Tabot, Talant, Taliaferr, Taliaferro, Tally, Tatton, Taylor, Teenor, Thomas, Thomason, Thurman, Towey, Travis, Tuggle, Turnell, Tyner, Tyrrel, Tyrril


Vail, Vanblair, Vandegriff, Vann, Varner, Vening, Vernon*

Wadkins, Walker*, Walling, Walters, Wardlaw, Waterhouse, Waters, Wates, Watson, Wayland, Wear, Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Whitenberger, Whitlock, Whittenberger, Wilard, Wilds, Wilhelm, Will, William, Williams*, Williford, Willing, Willoughby, Willoughly, Wilson, Windham, Wings, Witt*, Wood, Woolwine

Yarnell, York, Young

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