by Thomas H. Burrowes
314 Pages, Maps, Illustrations, Perfect Bound, PA-0121, $25.00

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Originally published in 1847, this classic set the standard for Pennsylvania State histories. Each county is shown in a map with notes on early settlers, settlements and other little-known facts.

Excerpt from Allegheny County, PA

NOTED CITIZENS: Thomas Hutchins, a distinguished geographer and historian, who published several works of merit, was born in New Jersey about 1730, but early settled in Pittsburg, where he died in 1789. General John Neville was born in Virginia in 1731. He was present as a lieutenant at Braddock's defeat, and subsequently served through the whole Revolutionary war. After the close of that contest, he became a citizen of Allegheny, and held several distinguished civil offices. In 1791, when the excise law was passed, General Washington appointed him (continues with sketch ... other names include Isaac Craig, James O'Hara, Major Abraham Kirkpatrick, Hugh Henry Breckenridge, Joseph Addison, and Henry Baldwin).

Each county history includes boundaries, mountain ranges, streams, rivers, soil conditions, minerals, townships, boroughs, public improvements, population at time of publication, country of origin for majority population, chief occupation in county at time of publication, institutions, history & more.

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