Revolutionary War Pension Applications from Roane County, TN

Compiled by Marilee Douthat
32 Pages, 8.5"x11", Index, Soft Cover, TN-0287, $12.50

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This publication contains extensive pension applications made by veterans of the Revolutionary War, Indian War, War of 1812, and Mexican War who resided in Roane County Tennessee at the time of claim. Every application contains a wealth of information including date of enlistment, years in service, original county of residence, commander, years of service, personal property **, wife's name/age, and children. Applications from the following individuals are found in this publication:
Cronamus Acre
Bastin Allen
Carter Barnett
Asa L. Bates
John Beverly
John Bowman
Morris Breashears
Robert Burke
Alexander Casey
Robert Crow
Samuel Evans
John Gossage
Benjamin Henry
Thomas Ives
Hezekiah Love
James McCown
John McNatt
William Mead
John Pearce
Uriah Rector
John Tarlton
John Walker
Samuel Walker
John Wilson
Partial Excerpt from Application

** Schedule

... One horse and gears, One plough, one hoe, and iron wedge. One ax, one mattock, one log chain. One fifth chain, two cows, and calves, 4 head of young Cattle, 9 pewter plates, 2 pewter dishes, 2 pewter basons. Two pots, 1 Oven & lid, 2 skillets, One frying pan, One washington tub, 5 Buckets, 14 head of hogs, 12 geese, 6 plates, 1 set of cups & saucers, 8 bowls. One coffee pot. One man's saddle, one womans Saddle, one Sythe and crandle, 300 bushels corn, 600 bundles fodder & 200 lb. cotton in the seed. The value of which is $250.00.

That I am by Occupation a farmer and that my family consist of the following persons: My wife Barbra, 45 years of Age, Catherine, his daughter, age 31 years, Christeen 15 years of age Louisa, age 14 years, One son David, 19 years old. That the declarant is scarcely able to do anything for his own support. That his wife is afflicted with Rheumatic pains frequently confined to her bed. And that his Daughter and son he supposes could support themselves by their labour - and that he is at this time Indebted $334.63 1/2 Cents ...

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