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During the Cherokee War, Georgia supplied more than 31 companies of volunteer militia soldiers to fill the role of round-up soldiers for the Cherokee. There was not a war with the Cherokee as this is a term applied to the round-up of Cherokees to move them west. The militia volunteers filled the role of round up while regular troops accompanied the Indians to the west. Georgia supplied over 3000 troops for this purpose as recorded here. There were many more involved in other aspects of the conflict.

In working with militia units which are listed here with each of the soldiers, if one will trace down the Captain, you can locate the home of the volunteer. In the Militia System, a Captain was over a certain portion of a county and the men under him came from that small area. For this reason, we have included a listing of all of the Captains and where possible, the county from which they came. Remember that some of these units were staff for a stockade or fort where the Indians were kept until they were moved on to other locations.



“GROGGINS, George - 1st Corporal - Boggess’ Company - 2nd GA MIL - Turk’s Division [names is spelled GOGINS, George also]”

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