Georgia First Battalion of Infantry Roster: Companies "A" & "B

51 Pages, Three Maps, 8.5"x11", Perfect Bound, GN-0221, $12.50

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Formed in the summer of 1864, the First Battalion was composed of 'white' Unionists living in Northern Georgia. It was the only official 'white' organization from Georgia mustered into the United States Army during the Civil War. This publication contains a brief history of the Battalion and information on the fighting men including, when available, the following:

First Battalion
  • Name of Soldier
  • Company
  • Rank
  • Roll Dated
  • Where Soldier Was Born
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • When & Where Enlisted
  • Period of Enlistment; Year(s)
  • Color of Eyes and Hair
  • Complexion
  • Height
  • When and Where Mustered In
  • If Applicable, Date and Cause of Death
  • Place Buried
  • If Captured, Place and Date
  • If Hospitalized, Place


Arthur, Felix: Company B. Private. Nashville, Tennessee, February 12, 1865. Habersham County, Georgia. 28. Farmer. January 25, 1865. Dalton, Georgia. 3. Hazel (eyes), Black (hair), Fair (complexion). 5'6". Nashville, Tennessee. Died in camp of inflammation of brain May 15, 1865.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Abercormbie, Adams, Anderson, Arnold, Arthur, Ashworth

Bankston, Belcher, Biddy, Bishop, Bivens, Brown, Burch, Burlison

Casnner, Cantrell, Carroll, Carry, Carver, Chasteain, Chumbly, Chumley, Clark, Cole, Cook, Conner, Cox, Crider, Crump, Curtis

Davis, Dans, Dodd, Dunn, Dyers, Evans

Fife, Figens, Figin, Fitzgerald, Fowlers, Forrester, Fuller

Garner, Gayden, Gilford, Gilreath, Griffin

Haley, Hammontree, Harper, Hogan, Holcomb, Hopkins, Howard, Howell, Hudlow, Humphries, Hyde


Jackson, James, Jordan


Lewis, Lindsay, Linly, Lowery, Luckey, Lynn

Mann, Manning, Massis, Mathis, Messer, Miller, Millerons, Morris, Mosely, Mulkey, Mullins

McCutcheon, McDonald, McPherson

Nelson, Nibls, Nicholson

Odom, Oneal, Owens

Padget, Pannell, Parker, Payne, Petigrew, Phillips, Pinyan, Potts, Powers, Preivitt

Rea, Renfrowe, Rice, Riggs, Robinson, Rogers, Rudersill, Russell

Sherley, Simmerman, Siscoe, Sizemore, Smith, Southworth, Standridge, Stephens, Stover, Straughn, Stewar, Southerland

Taylor, Testament, Thomas, Thompson, Townsand, Trammel


Walker, Warring, White, Whitley, Whoite, Wilbanks, Williams

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