Claims To Land In East & West Florida: 1825

443 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Perfect-Bound, FL-0007, $55.00

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This hefty publication contains Florida land claims submitted to the United States Government in 1825 for:

1. Gratuitous Concessions: Grants made upon condition that the grantee would clear and cultivate a portion of land within three years

2. Sales: Lands in Florida sold at auction by the Spanish Royal Treasury on November 22, 1806

3. Cases of Compromise: Claims made on the contention that individuals had occupied lands for more than ten years and were permitted to obtain titles.

Each entree contains the Full-Text of each claim - usually written by the claimant, his agent, or an interested 3rd Party. In numerous cases, Plat Maps of the land in question are included.

Page after page provides military achievements, land history, Spanish royal orders, original vendees, remunerations for public services + much more. The researcher will find a wealth of genealogical information. The West Floridian historian will find it a vital tool, referring to it time and again.


I, Don Joseph Callava, knight of the military order of St. Hermenegildo, decorated with the cross of distinction of the battle of Almocid, colonel in the royal armies, and military and political governor of the province of Wst Florida, & c ...

Do certify that in the month of August last, Don Pedro de Alba prsented to me a grant of land made to his father by the sub-delegation December 20, 1817, situated on the opposite side of the bay, requesting that he might have a copy and that the original might remain, as is customary, in evidence of the same in this public archive. But, owing to the confusion of the papers in the months of December, January, and February last, when an invasion was apprehended from the American troops, at which time the archives of the province were carried with great precipitation to Fort St. Carlos de Barrancas, it is presumable that the said original documents may have been mislaid or mixed with other papers; and although the assistant witnesses have searched for them by my order, they have not come to light amongst the archives.
In testimony whereof, I give the present certificate at his request, in order that it may serve at all times, and before any tribunal whatever, as an evidence of the unlucky accident which befell said original decree .... Pensacola, March 21, 1820 ... Signed by Joseph Callava

The claim of David McCaleb, a citizen of the United States, for himself and the heirs and legal representatives of Alexander McCullaugh, decreased, to lot No. 157, in the city of Pensacola, is founded on a deed poll from Alexander McCullaugh, deputy provost marshal, to Thomas Underwood, dated March 32, 1774, reciting that the lot was granted to James Cavanaugh, and sold to satisfy a judgment against him. (Continues with transfers of deed and basis of claim).

Surnames Contained in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Achackweithle Achumulga Acosta Adam Addison Aguilar** Aguilera Aguirre Aird Alachua Alba* Albert Aleck Alegon Alexander alford Alfred Alleck Allen Alvarez Amer Anacheela Anacheeler Anderson Andres Andrew Andrews Angula Apalachicola apalachy Apodaca Aponte Aragues Araguey Arango Aria Arias Armas Armesto Armmirez Arnau Arrambide Arrendondo* Arroyo* Artacho Ashley Atkinson Attakapas Attaly Augers Avice Ayala Aysick

Bachelot Bacquet Bagley* Bahia Bailey Baker Balderas Baldiras Ballada Baltimore Baquer Bara Barcclo Barcela Barcelo Barclay Barco Barden Bardin Barela Barido Barlongue Barnett Baron Barrancas Barrela Barrios* Barron Barros Barrutia Bastrop Batelongue Bates Beaty Beauduc Beeler Bellamy Bellestre Bendicho Bennet Bennett Benticks Beresford Bernard Berresford Berrie Berrio Berta Bethune Betts Bicen Bincent Bicker Bienvenu Birot Bisborough Black Blackwell Blair Blue Boardiman Boardman Bodes Bodkin Boils Boisdore Bolton Bonal Bonelli Bonelly Bonifay** Bonne Bornenave Borges Bosdore Boston Bouligney Bousquet Bowden Bowie Bowlegs Bowles Bracken’ge Branch Branning Brashier Bravo Brew Briggs Brigs Brindly Brinson Briones Brockington Brosnaham Brown* Browne Bru Bruce Bruison Brush Bruster Bulow Bunch Bunker Burdecat Burden Burgess Burgevin Burgos Byrnes

Cabinis Cabildo Cadet Cala Calazer Calbo Calcires Calderon Call Callava Callis Camps Campuro Canedo Caneras Canovas Capas Capello Capisty Capo Capuaca Carambot Caravallo Cariosa Carizoso Carlier Carlisle Carlotta Carney Carnochan Cargo Carondelet Carpo Carrera Carrerras Carter CasaCalvo Cashen Casillas Casini CasoCalvo Casorla Cassalis Cassina Castillo Cavanaugh Cazenave Cazorla Centeno Cerva Cevallos Chabeaux Chachuany Chackchucky Chackuskany Chafoackcheefalee Chapron Charles Charleston Chavin Chavet Chebeaux Checha Cheeskatalofa Cheeyalia Chester Chichas Chickatalofa Chicken Chipola Chisquitalufa Christian Christopher Chuchackany Chupalocky Chupaluckee Chupco Cienfuegos Clapp ClaraDelAgua Clark* Clarke** Clarkworthy Clatworthy Clausin Clinch Cobos Cocifacia Cocifacio Coffee Colbert Colein Coleman Coles Colhoon Coll Collell Collins Colman Constant Convoise Cook* Cooper Copeland Copp Coppinger** Cornell CorralilloDeLaCosta CorrallDeAgua Cortes Cortos Cosafacho Cosahotchie Costa Courvoisie Cowetas Cowford Cox* Creighton Crespo Croix Crosby Cruzat Cuchee Cuckie Cudognet Cuuichei Cummins Curtis Curville Cuskania Cuskanucky Cuskatalofa Cussita

Damatta Damietta Darien Darling Daunoy Dauphin Dauphine Davis* Dawson DeBrahm DeLolme DeVargas Dedee DelMonte DeLaire Delespin Delespine Denes Detreon Detrian DeVille DeVilliers Devreux Dewees Dexter Dias Dixon Domingo Domingues Dominguez Donaldson Donalson Doneauld Doremus Dounoy Doyle Drayton Drury Dry Drysdale Dubrebil Dubrevil Dufossat Duncan Dunnsleck Dunnage Dupon Dupont* Duque Durell Durnford Durosseau Durrosseau Duval Duvergas Duverge Duverges

Easter Eber Eckford Edgeley Edgely Edinburgh Edwards Egido Elkins Ellanier Emathla** Emathle Emgbara English Ennessee Enrique Entralgo* Enyha Escribano Eslava Eslefanopoly Espieta Espinosa Estacholy Estefamulgee Estefanopoly Estrada Etienne Evans

Fabier Facho Fairbanks Falany Falcon Falconer Falice Fallasco Fatio** Faulk Fenwick Ferby Ferguson* Fernandez* Fernandina Ferreira Ferrer* Ferriera Ferriet Figueraas Figuero Finaels Finlay Firou Fish* Fleming* Flinn Flora Floyd Folch* Fontane* Fonte Fontenais Fontenals Fontenell Forbes Forehand fornells Fornills Forrester Forsyth Fort*

Gage Gagnet Gaillard Galguera Galinor Galvez Garcia* Garcon Gardner Gardoqui Gareon Garrete Garriga Garzon Gaudry Gaundry Gay Gayarra Gayarre Gayerra Gayler Gayoso Gazenave Geiget Gelabert Gelavert Gener George Gerry Geurrero Gianoply Gianopoly* Gianpoly Gibbs Gibert Gibson* Gigorm Gilbert Gilchrist Gili Gilkris Gill Glorat Goes Gomarein gomes Gomez** Gonzales* Gooch Goodwin Goquet Gordillo Goree Gould Goumarkin Govan Gran Grandpera Grandpre* Granpera Grant Gray* Greenwood Griffith Griffiths Gue Guerra Guerrero Guillemard Gunby Guyarre

Hacho Hadjo Hadjoe** Hadjoo Hadley Hagans Hagee Hagen Hagins Halaghta Hall Halleneechu Hallowes Hambly Hammock* Hanna Hannah Hansman Hardy Harris Hart Hartley Harvey Hastings Hatcho Havana hawthorn Hayde Hayden Hays Hembembder Hendricks Hernandes Hernandez** Hervey Hevia Higginbottom Hijuelos hill Hinard Hindsman Hinsman Hitchetas Hobkirk Hodge Hodro Hogan Hogans* Holaghta Holland Hollingsworth Holmes Holzendorf Homughta Hopoi Hopoy Hosee Hothepacio Howard Howell Howey Huckstall Hudjo Hudson Huertas Hughes Hull Hulleechee Hunter Huntington Hutchison

Idem Innerarity Irving Israel Ives

Jack Jacksonborough James Jardela Jente Jerrison joanneda Johnson Johnston Johnstone Jones* Jonte Joyce Juan Juli

Katchela Keimaire Keker Kelkel Kelly Kenhachee Ker Kerr Kerrion Keyser Kimache Kinache Kinca Kindelan King Kinghachee Kirk Knight Knowels Kreps Kunen Kyser

LaRua LaCosta Ladd LaFrang Lamb Lancaster Lane Langhata Langley Lara Larin Lassassier Lasseter Latady Lavack LaValle* LaVallet LaVisson Lawrence Lefon Legond Leitch Leiva Lemos Leonardy* Lesley Leslie Lessassier Lessessier Leva Levi Levy Lewis* Limbaugh Litch Livingston Llafrio Llorente Lofton Long* Lopez Lord Lorente Losada Losoda Lousse Louzees Love Lowe Luckett Luengo Lynch

McCaleb McCall McClelan McClellan McCormick McCullaugh McCumming M’David McDowel McDowell McFee M’Fee mcGill McGonnegal McGregor McGuire Machado McHenry McIntosh Macio McKinsee McKinzie McLean McLellan Maclellan McMullin McMurrin Macomb Macon McPherson McQueen McTier McVoy

Madina Madrid Maester Maestre* Malagosa Maldonado Malegosa Malloy Manning Manrique Marcos Marejou Marien Marigny Marin Maroteau Marques Marrot Marshal Marshall* Martin Martinez Mason Masot* Masters Matanzas Mathias Mattair Maura Maxent Melby Melly Medecis Medicis Meeker Meigs Men Mendez Mendosa Mendoza Meria Mesa Mestre Micausuky Miccasucky Micco** Michelet Mickausuky Mico** Mier Miles Miller* Mills Minchen Miralla Miranda Miro Mitchell* Mobile Molina Mollere Molphus Monbrum Montano Montera Montero Montesdeoca Monton Montpelier Moore Morales* Morant Morejou Morena Moreno* Morgan Morrel Morrell Morris Morrison Mott Moultrie Moura Muir Mulcaster Munos Murphy Murray Murrel Musquito

Nackasson Napa Naponacema Nassau Navarro Naville Neilson Neippa Neli Nelson Nero Nette Nice Nicholas Nisbet Nobles Noriega* Noy

Oca Ocheesee Ochu Ockmulgeechee Ocoleyokony O’Connor Ogilvy Oklawaha Olivar Oliver Olivier O’Neal O’Neil O’Neill Opay Ordonez Ordosgoity Oregan ormand Ormond* Ortega Ortez Ortis Osootchie Osborno Ousutches Overston Overton Ovington

Pacety Pachiti Pagas Palachucklie Palao Palmas Palmes palou Paney Pangua Panton Papin Papy Pargas Paricini Parker Pashley Pastor Paterson Patterson Patton Payne Pearce Peavelt Peavett Pena Penalbert Pengree Penman Penn Perchet Perez* Peroux Perpall* Perryman Petit Petty Philebert Philibert Philips Phillips Picket Pickett Picolata Pierce Piernas Pierra Pike Pinchback Pinchbeck Pintado Pintard Pita Pivitt Pleim Pleym Point Pol Poll Pons Pontero Posse Potts Pounce Presas Priest Prieto* Prince Pringle Pritchard Procter Proctor Puente Punta Purcell Putnam

Quesada Quigles Quina Quintero Quiqui

Rafo Rain Raine Ramasa Ramirez Ramo Ramos* Randolph Rattenbury Recio Reggi Reggio Regnar Reismundo Rengil Revira Reyes Reynolds Richard Richards Ricketts* Ricra Riera RioHondo Rioboo Ripley Rivas* Rivaz Rivera Rixbey Riz Roberts Robertson Robinson Roca Roche Rocheblave Rodgers Rodriguex Rodriguez* Rogers Rola Rolf Rolle Rollins Rollstown Ross Rostro Rouge Rovera Rovira Rua Ruby Ruez Ruiz Ryan

Saavedra Sala Salas Salazaar Salazer Salome Salomon Samora SanCarlos SanMaxent SanPablo SanRamon Sanchez** Sancoucy Sandobal Sandoval Sans Santiago Saragoza Saul Sauls Sausa Savanna* Scallan Schofield Scofield Scurry Segoria Segui* Segur Senac Serra Sevenney Shackleford Shepard Shepherd Sheppard Sibbald Sierra* Siguenza Siler Simion Siimpson* Sims Slugh Smith** Smyrna Solana Solano Solans Somosa Soto Souchet Sousa Sparkman Standley Stanley Starke Stephenson Sterling Stewart Stone Strechan streeter Strong Stuart Suarez Suarrez Suchet Sulrez Summerall Susanna Sutherlan dSutton Suydam Sweeny Swett

Talla Talofa Tamathle Tangua Tapiola Taskanagy Tate Tawassee Taylor Tecocksy Tello Templeton Tensaw Teran Texeiro Texeyro Tharp Theresa Thompson* Thrift Tice Tillas Tingle Tio Toca Todd Tonard Tonyn* Toro Torre Torri Torry Tourson Toward Towns Travers* Triay Trope Trouillet Trudeau Tryon Tucker Tunis Turnbas Turnbull* Turvin Tuskaman Tuskinia Tustanagy Tustannuggie Tustinnuggie* Tustunnuggie Tustunuky

Ufales Ugarte Ugarti Underwood Urcello Urcullo Urquhart Usallis Usina Usulles Uzena

Vagas VanEvour Vass Vattell Vaughan Vaughn Vegas Vellon Verignon Vetrian Vicens Vidal Villalonga Villalta Villaseca VillaVerde Villeseca Villiers* Vincennes Vincent Viola Vitrian

Waddle Wales Walker Walton Wanton Ward Wardlaw Waterford Waterman* Waugh Way Weadman Weaver Wegg Welber Wharton White* Wickes Wifalatha Wilds Wilkins Williams Williamson Wilson Wilton Wood Woodbine Woodland Woodruff Woodward Worthington Wright

Ximeneas Ximenes

Yawallee Yber Yeats Yerra Yguinez Yllas Yniestra Yonge Young Yus

Zalazar Zamorano Zespides Zubizaretta Zuniga Zurima

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