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Mountain Press is a small publishing company with specialities in supplying local historical materials for those interested in genealogical and historical research. The owner, James L. Douthat began his genealogical research while still in high school in the mid-1950s. He published his first book on one side of his own family at the age of seventeen. Since then, he has worked hard to amass the materials for over six hundred titles. After working for over twenty-five years as a local United Methodist Minister, he retired early in 1988 to work full time with his historical research.

In the records of this website, you will find the results of records from many counties particularly in the southeast. Besides census records there are marriage, death, deeds, and county court records. Each of these latter records give pieces to the various puzzles in research. In addition, there are many military records from various wars, different Native American records and many government documents found in various publications by the federal and state governments, as well as some newspaper and cemetery records.

We have records for most of the southern states from Pennsylvania to Maryland and then Kentucky, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Florida, George, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Across the Mississippi River, we have Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas records. Other states may appear in specialty records, such as “Special Presidential Pardons”.

Our website is full of information. Pick a state and then a county to find each of the many books we have to offer. Select the book you would like to explore and click on “For More Information” and you can get the surname index to that particular book and as well as a few details about the book itself. On the opening page, you will find a box to put the surname you are researching and the computer will select all of the books with that surname listed in the index. This is a great aid to your research.

Try our “Genealogy Gazette” - a free monthly newsletter with information to over come those “brick walls” in your research. Click on the box on the opening page and follow the instructions to subscribe. An archives is available for all past articles in this series.